Haines sign

Here’s LRN4 pausing for a moment on her way into beautiful downtown Haines, Alaska. That’s not a third arm growing out of her neck, fortunately. Some annoying tourist wouldn’t move away from the sign long enough for me to take a picture, so I tried to hide him/her. Turns out it didn’t work quite perfectly. We loved Haines. Not enough to move there, but it was a great little town. In the summer, at least. No opinion on wintertime.

It’s post number 777! Too bad it’s Extreme Short Shrift Tuesday.

Busy day. I came home at the regular time and went directly to the church for a Branch Elders Quorum Presidency meeting, but nobody else showed up, so I went home. Made it in time for dinner.

Got spinfo dot info rehosted on Blogger last night, which kept me up a little late. So I want to go to bed a little early tonight. Have a look at the new website. There’s tons of work left to do, including fixing the template to eliminate all the nonsense on the right and add my own nonsense. Plus some ads. Gotta feed the Juggernaut. I also need to add LRN2 as a contributor – that I’ll do tonight.

I’ll leave you with some more shocking food violence news: What’s worse than pizza assault? Banana burglary!

See you tomorrow.

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