Another look

Here’s the Mendenhall glacier again. I think I might like this view even better than the last one.

No Friday post. I got deathly ill mid-day and went hoMe to sleep on the couch (and then in my bed). I’m feeling much better now, thanks. And thanks to Anon for noticing.

It was truly a shame that I got sick, since it was the rare combination of my personal temple night and stake temple night. Purely a coincidence – really. I picked the date for myself before finding out about the stake schedule. To make up for it, I’ve added a second personal temple night on August 28, while I’m home alone while LRN1 is on the way back to school.

Which I greatly regret I can’t join in on. I’m out of vacation days. Spent them all on Young Women camp and the cruise. Plus a couple of nice, long camping trips earlier in the year. I’m glad we did the other things but heartbroken to miss this highly important trip.

Stake conference was quite nice. Good talks, especially on Saturday. I have good notes and will have to remember to review them a time or two later.

The weekend was otherwise uneventful. Worked on the pool a little – the vacuum is dead again and, while looking into it, I discovered that the skimmer’s return line appears to be partially blocked. Sigh.

I (sort of) resolved the skimmer problem by adjusting the valve that mixes it’s intake with that of the vacuum to give a little more flow to the skimmer. Partially disassembled the vacuum to satisfy myself that it didn’t have a hidden blockage and then decided to take it to the Pool Place. When we complained bitterly about the apalling vacuum failure rate and its lousy performance even when it’s not broken, they offered to sell us a Kreepy Krawley vacuum for $340 new or $250 used. They even put one together as a used loaner to let us see if it would work better for us.

It certainly looks different and has the huge advantage of having no rotating parts. The jury’s out on whether it works, though. I thought it was immune to getting stuck, but it found a way. Sigh. Maybe if I slightly shorten the hose. Or possibly lengthen it. Or something.

Stayed busy at work today. There’s plenty going on. They’ve decided to invite people to volunteer to be laid off. I have at least one person who will certainly do it, and who knows whether anybody else will step up? We in the shovel-ready aerospace industry are certainly living in interesting times.

I devoutly wish I could sign up for it, but it’s not the right time. A few more years at the earliest for me.

Time to work on other things. Work, work, work!

I’ll leave you with today’s food violence news: Pizza violence.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Your food violence news is so outrageous! What a waste of police time. Sorry, that's just how I feel.

  2. Andy Morrow Says:

    A rushed post! I found a capitalization error and a punctuation error.
    I engaged in violence against pizza yesterday – by eating it. Luckily, I was not arrested.

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