Mendenhall glacier

Here’s the Mendenhall glacier, just outside of Juneau. Lots of dirt on there, but also tons of very blue ice. It reminded me of Mount Rushmore in that it looked better in real life than in pictures. Otherwise, not so similar. Although I think I can see Millard Fillmore’s face over there on the left if I scrunch up my eyes just right.

The last few days have been incredibly busy at work. We’ve had networking problems that were finally resolved early this morning. It’s also been a great week, with LRN3 here the last couple of days and sporadic visits from LRN6 and LRN12. We went out for Indian food last night. Hence, no post. And I don’t feel one bit bad about it.

However, I’m now getting back into the rhythm of things again.

Great news for LRN2 today – he got his driver’s license! Motorists of Manteca, beware. Have fun and be careful out there (in the opposite order), LRN2.

We have a rare case of board game violence today: Could there be anything lower than Monopoly assault? I note with some consternation our family’s love of board games. And our extreme competitive streak. Jail, here I come.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    I don't know about Monopoly, but I think we might be at risk for some of those games of Spoons or Splash. Katie's given me a few mean cuts on the finger trying to grab a dolphin from me.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Missed Friday's post.

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