Hairy guy

Here’s yet another in my famous statue series. This is perhaps the most disturbing of them all. And that’s saying a lot. Consider this. And this. And this. And even this. And yes, this too. Scary.

I’m off for the next five days! It’s off Friday tomorrow, and so far I only have two telecons, one meeting agenda, and fifteen or so timecards on the schedule. Oh, and the Honda goes to the shop first thing. Otherwise, I’m free all day. My mom arrives tomorrow night, we have a pleasant Saturday, we go to The Birthplace of Me on Sunday, we attend the funeral and visit with family on Monday, and we travel home on Tuesday. Busy. Don’t worry, though, Loyal Readers – I’ll make the posts.

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two just got back from battle-axe lessons. They stayed for Fight Night and had a good time. LRN2 especially appears to have done some serious whupping. Cool.

Due to procrastinatory behavior on my part, it’s time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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