Here’s a nice looking ship about to pass in front of Alcatraz. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One, like all the other Alcatraz shots. He did some nice photography that day.

No post yesterday. I was late getting away from work. There was barely enough time to get home, eat, go to my Tuesday evening meeting (which ran late), come home, talk to the family for a few minutes, and go to bed. Since I’m on the train right now, I have no idea whether good old Anon noticed, but we’ll see, won’t we?

(Update – I got home and checked. Anon didn’t let me down. Thanks, Anon!)

There wasn’t much need to post yesterday anyway. Nothing new.

There is news today, sad though it may be. My uncle Morrell Snowball died this morning. He’ll be greatly missed. Loyal Reader Number Four and I will be attending his funeral in Los Angeles on Monday or Tuesday. I still don’t know whether Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two will be there. I do know that my non-Loyal-Reader mother will be coming out to go to the funeral with us. The plan is for her to stay with us for about two weeks. While we’re very sorry about the circumstances surrounding her visit, we’re excited for her to come.

My mother really needs to become a Loyal Reader. I guess she’ll need to get a computer first.

The train was reasonably crowded this morning – not bad at all. It’s extremely crowded this evening. Sigh. I hate crowds. If I weren’t saving a bunch of money, I doubt I’d ride this thing. And I’m not so sure it’s worth it anyway.

Anyway. Nothing else to report today. So I’ll see you tomorrow.

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