Hanging out

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Six and Twelve just hanging out. Isn’t she cute? Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five, who will be joining us tomorrow.

Greetings from hot, sunny Mesa, Arizona! We got here this afternoon, after a pleasant afternoon and evening at my cousin’s house in hot, sunny Southern California. They’re having a heat wave both here and there, so we’ve been uncomfortably warm from time to time. Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen’s apartment is comfortably cool, fortunately. It was 113 degrees here today, and it apparently doesn’t get much cooler overnight.

No post yesterday – no connection available.

The trip has been comfortable and easy so far. Poor LRN3 had car trouble today and his hot rod was stuck at the local 7-11 when we got here. He and I went over there to try to either figure its problem out (it would crank but wouldn’t start) or get it towed somewhere. We had tried just about everything we could think of. Finally, I unplugged the coil wire from the distributor and tested it for spark, which was good. I plugged it back in and asked LRN3 to crank it again to test a plug wire, which I had unplugged. He cranked it for a moment and it started immediately. I plugged the wire back in and it’s been running perfectly ever since. My guess is that the coil wire’s connection inside the distributor cap had gotten oxidized and the removal and reinsertion cleaned up the connection. We were certainly surprised when it started.

Lots more to talk about, but I’ll wait until tomorrow for that. XBox 360 is waiting for me. See you tomorrow.

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