Two gulls

Here’s yet another in my famous bird series. These two fellas are Alcatraz residents. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One.

Happy Independence Day! Yesterday! We had a nice, quiet day, culminating in Loyal Reader Number Three and I going to see the fireworks at the neighborhood community college. We got out a little bit late and arrived at the grandstand just as the fireworks were starting. Perfect timing. Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve were with us, and LRN12 definitely would not have enjoyed the fireworks, so bunches of people stayed home and watched a movie (link warning: movie-related music) on TV.

Anyway, the fireworks show was quite good and we were only out of the house for a few minutes or so.

Went to see my brother and nephew in Tucson this afternoon and evening – we just got home a few minutes ago. We went out to dinner at a fairly nice Mexican restaurant. The food was good but the service was pathetically slow. I complained and they gave us a bunch of money off along with numerous apologies. No problem.

While we were at my brother’s house, I had occasion to exercise the zipper on the brand-new pair of shorts I was wearing. It turns out that the zipper was sewn in defectively and it chose that moment to come apart. It took several minutes and Loyal Reader Number Four’s help to get the wardrobe malfunction put back together. In the meantime, my brother was wondering what was taking me so long. Dumb old shorts.

And now it’s time for bed. See you tomorrow, on the last day of our visit to Mesa.

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