Hardened criminals

Here are some hardened criminals lined up in front of their cell block. They’re known on the street only as Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, Twenty, and Twenty-One. Very frightening. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Four.

Spotty internet connection on the train this morning. There’s never been a good enough connection to connect to work email, but I’ve been doing pretty well getting into Blogger and a few other websites the last few days. Not today, though. Today, I have no idea whether what I’m typing will ever get onto the blog. Let’s hope.

I agree with Loyal Reader Number Four’s comment last night – it was pretty cool in the old neighborhood last night. It’s about 6:45 AM as I write this, and it’s still only 56 degrees in Lardville, so the heat of the past several days has certainly broken. It’s only supposed to get into the upper eighties today. Brrr!

I’m working harder than usual at work and still feel like I’m not accomplishing much. I have one colleague who’s struggling with feeling expendable, and he’s occupying an unnecessarily large amount of his and my time with it. He’s no more likely to be gotten rid of than the rest of us, so he might just as well learn to relax and go along for the ride. I think his only alternatives are to find something else to do that he can enjoy (a path I’ve taken before) or keep worrying, which I don’t think is a good choice.

Had a couple of good interviews yesterday, once again with people who are about to be laid off from Northrup Grumman in a plant closing. Our only problem with these folks is figuring out how to hire all of them – they’re excellent, and their experience is directly relevant. I’m hoping to make offers to at least a couple of them.

The Loyal Family went to the Apple store yesterday and got themselves some souvenirs – t-shirts and the like. They also got me an Apple badge reel, which I like very much. Thanks, Loyal Readers! Speaking of which, maybe we should try to talk Jonathan into being yet another new Loyal Reader. Think about it, Loyal Reader Number One.

Did I formally announce the addition of Loyal Readers Numbers Twenty and Twenty-one? There’s already been a picture of LRN21. In any case, I’ll try to have a Very Special Morrowlife Day for both of them Real Soon Now. I think there are pictures available of both.

Might as well end at this point. The train is about half an hour away from my station, and I still have emails I want to look at. See you tomorrow.

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