Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Twenty-one getting ready to set sail for Alcatraz island. They look pretty cheerful for people about to spend ninety-to-life on The Rock, don’t they? Maybe they have plans to get out of there a little bit more quickly, if you know what I mean.

Standard day at work yesterday (this is once again being written – and published! – on the train early in the morning) – I had about thirty “must do” items and got to about two of them. Sigh. At least I’m not bored. Interviewed a really good guy, who we’re going to make a job offer to. I sure hope I get a few more acceptances soon.

Home evening was nice. We spent an hour or two out in the pool/spa for activity and had some more of Sunday’s very good Father’s Day angel food cake and strawberries for treat. Yum.

At some point this week, the Loyal Readers and their friend are going to Apple headquarters in Cupertino to see the Holy Shrine of Appleness and buy a t-shirt at the gift shop. Then they’re going to the Winchester Mystery House. They also have a trip to the NUMMI factory scheduled sometime. When you throw in music lessons, Loyal Reader Number One’s tutoring job, and various other Standard Activities, they’re going to have a busy week. I’ll be in Sunnyvale.

Might as well get to some work emails while I have the chance. See you tomorrow.

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