Hat baby

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve smiling for Grandma. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Four.

Greetings from the train! The wifi is now working well enough to get into Blogger but not to get into my work email server. So I still have to do that offline.

No Friday post – not even a Wonders of Blogger Saturday edition. No campout either. We decided not to trust non-reservation Forest Service campgrounds, so we went to the storage place to pick up the trailer for a trip to a commercial campground outside of Sacramento. Got to the lot at about 6:30 and it was closed. You have to go through a landscaping company’s parking lot to get into our storage, and when the landscaping company is closed, so is the storage lot. They were supposed to be opening a different entrance into the lot a year ago when we put the trailer there, but it looks like they won’t be able to do it for various vague legal reasons. I think we’ll have to make other storage arrangements. Sigh.

So why no Friday post? Eh. I didn’t feel like it.

So instead of camping, we just sort of hung around the house all weekend. Not that it was unpleasant – quite the contrary. I took Loyal Reader Number Twenty to the airport very early on Saturday morning. We certainly enjoyed his visit. Loyal Reader Number One’s friend from Denver arrived yesterday evening and Loyal Reader Number Twenty-One goes back home today. That’s three airport trips in three days, and I didn’t have to get on an airplane on any of them. That’s what I call a success story.

Father’s Day was very nice. The family showered me with numerous gifts, including some lovely dental floss, and I got to speak with various Loyal Readers and other loved ones on the phone. And they canceled most extra-curricular meetings at church, so it was a quiet day. Just like I like it.

Time to have a look at my work email. See you tomorrow.

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