Here kitty kitty

How about another piece of Great Art from Monte Carlo? And barring that, how about a giant cat statue? Yes sir, we know what our Loyal Readers like. Photo courtesy of my friend Doug, in all likelihood.

No post last Friday. Sorry about that – I got busy. And the strange thing is, I’m not quite sure what I accomplished. Sure, Loyal Reader Number Four and I jacuzzified while Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two had some friends over to watch Nacho Libre (again). LRN1 told me he’s been invited over to another friend’s house on Friday night to watch . . . Nacho Libre (again). It’s a pretty good movie, of course, but is it that good?

No work on any of the websites over the weekend. It was just a non-electronic weekend. Except that my Palm crashed hard on Sunday. I had to do a hard reset, which wipes out all the data. I was a little worried about losing data forever, but the nice folks at Palm really do backups well. When I synced with my laptop after the crash, it restored literally everything, except for the few appointments I had entered since my last sync and my bookmark in the current Wodehouse book, which was easy to restore. Pretty cool.

Did a little work on the Miata on Saturday. Got the windshield washers working, the headlights aimed, and the ugly attempted repair on the passenger’s door cleaned up. Improvements, all. We also started digging the koi pond in the backyard! LRN1 worked some more on it today too. I got home after dark, as usual, but they tell me it’s looking reasonably deep by now. With a little joint effort and the judicious application of some money, I think we’ll have a nice pond before long. That ought to go along with the nice yard we’ll also have.

LRN2 and LRN4 went to a city council meeting tonight to help LRN2 finish up a merit badge. I hear it was interesting and pretty fast-moving.

Finally got around to reading the “advanced” manual for my new camera last night. Wow! That camera can do everything! The exposure control goes from totally automatic to manual shutter speed to manual aperture to manual shutter speed and aperture to automatic control based on the type of scene you’re shooting. It can do raw format, which can be edited in the camera or out. Jpeg pictures can be edited in the camera too. It can adjust white balance, color saturation, cropping, orientation, and a bunch of other things. It can print directly from the camera or via computer. Photos can be arranged into albums. Slide shows with various visual effects can be done by hooking the camera directly up to a TV. It can do nearly-infinitely adjustable time-lapse photos. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I love that camera.

But I need to go to bed now. Sorry about missing Friday and thanks for your continued loyalty. See you tomorrow.

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