Here’s one of my favorite racing cars of all time – the Tyrrell six-wheeler. That must the be only six-wheeled car ever raced, no? No! In addition to the cars described in the link, I’ll try to remember to post a picture of another such car from the very same museum in the near future! Watch this space. This picture was taken in a little auto racing museum between Cannes and Nice, France. They had a lot of cool cars in a relatively small space. Taken with my first (lousy) digital camera, as is evident.

Long ride to work today. On the upside, I got to listen to a lot of podcasts. I’m still working on the BYU-TV podcasts of their Book of Mormon discussion series. The quality is a little inconsistent, but I’m still enjoying it and effectively getting a highly-condensed version of BYU’s BoM class. Not recommended in TV form (boring!); highly recommended in convenient podcast form.

Happily, the drive home was much quicker. Of course, I stayed at work until 6:00 to make that happen, but it was still nice to travel a good portion of the way at full speed.

Flickr told me today that I’ve reached the free upload limit and have to start paying them if I want to host more pictures. I’m dropping the Flickr feed. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. While I’m at it, I’m also killing the book club and links sections. I don’t think they’ll be missed. My Loyal Readers have more important things to do.

Did anybody ever read one of the book club books?

It’s supposed to rain here every day for the next week. We need the moisture, but that won’t do the commute times any good. I should probably actually start getting up on time. Yuck.

See you tomorrow.

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