The other six-wheeler

Here’s a picture of the other six-wheeled racer I saw at the museum in France (NOTE: Blogger isn’t working right tonight, as usual, so the picture will have to wait until tomorrow). I don’t remember much about it, but I do recall it being somewhat less successful than the Tyrrell from Tuesday.

No post yesterday. Because of a scouting court of honor (Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two earned more awards than anybody else, of course – possibly more than everybody else combined), I went to church directly from work. Went directly from the CoH to my Wednesday evening meeting, which ended later than usual at 10:00. Since I needed to be at work today and didn’t finish my meager dinner until probably about 10:30, there was no post.

Felt really sick yesterday afternoon – probably something I ate, as usual. By today at lunchtime, I was eating again, and I’m feeling mostly fine tonight.

No work tomorrow! It’s off Friday. Woo hoo! I have a few hours’ worth of stuff to do on my laptop (prepare for my 10:00 meeting and check in and promote a bunch of software, for starters), but I’ll at least be at home. The intention is to work on the trailer, weather permitting. I need to repair any damage done by this year’s colder-then-normal winter, fix all the little nagging things I haven’t been able to get to, and do some pretty massive cleaning. Plenty to do there. I could look at the Sable’s brakes again if the weather won’t cooperate with the trailer job. Then there’s always some straightening that needs to be done around the house, not to mention the two large piles of books just begging to be read. Plus I have numerous video podcasts in the viewing queue. Plus all of my websites. Plus I always have a need for Great Photographic Art. Plus, plus, plus.

In the meantime, there’s bed. See you tomorrow.

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