Ho La La

While we’re on the subject of Cannes restaurants, here’s my favorite one. Ho La La! They served Central American food. Yum.

Happy birthday to Loyal Reader Number Five! If my calculations are correct, she’s somewhere in her mid-twenties by now. Many happy returns, and we’re sorry you’re not here to celebrate with us.

Non-exciting day today. I still haven’t heard from the Miata Lady, so I emailed her this evening. Saturday, hopefully. I want that car. No, wait: I need that car. No. But I do want it. Now.

Felt much better today and went to work. Several of my colleagues have also been out sick, including one who went home at about noon. Something‘s certainly making the rounds.

I’ve been working on salary adjustments for my direct reports. We’re going to be able to do pretty well by everybody, I think, and very well by a few. It’s tough to decide who gets what, so the company has thoughtfully provided an automatic raise calculator for everyone based on current salary, percent of “market” that represents, performance rating, raise money available, and probably the price of tea in China. We can adjust the automatic level up or down a little bit, but not by much. That probably keeps us from getting sued too much, and it certainly makes it easy to decide how much everybody’s going to get, but it does cramp one’s style just a little bit.

By the way, just to follow up on an recently-reported story, Loyal Reader Number One successfully disassembled his computer, inserted the apparently-loose-but-highly-necessary magnet, and got it back together again on Saturday. Hooray for LRN1.

It’s late already! I’m for bed. See you tomorrow.

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