Le Scoubidou

Here’s my favorite snack stand in Cannes. Le Scoubidou. No more need be said.

Rough day today. I had a splitting headache yesterday evening – quite unusual for me. It kept me tossing and turning in bed for probably two to three minutes, which is also unusual for me. I felt pretty reasonable when I got up this morning, so I got in the car and went to work as usual. After I’d been there for about half an hour, I suddenly felt terrible. Not much was going on today, so I opted to come home and rest for the remainder of the day. Hopefully, I’ll feel better by tomorrow, since it’s a very busy work day this week.

The weekend was fairly good, other than the headache. I finally got the brakes on the Sable changed on Saturday morning. It was a very easy job, which is good because, while they’re working perfectly, they’re squeaking to beat the band, so I need to take them back apart again next Saturday and apply anti-squeak goo. Sigh.

In tragic but also very good news, Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve have gone home for good. They decided on Friday evening that they really needed to be home and they left mid-day on Saturday. It’s absolutely the right thing for their family, but we’ll really miss having the baby here. We need to make sure we get together on a very regular basis from now on. It’s a half-day drive each way, so perfectly doable on a long weekend.

Loyal Reader Number Three has been talking for a little while about quitting his job in Arizona and finishing college full-time. I think it’s a very good idea if they can swing it financially, which he thinks they can do. In the meantime, I heard this weekend that he may be quitting his current job and going to Big Bear to work for Loyal Reader Number Six on his house. Personally, I would rather work in a nice comfortable office doing stuff I don’t particularly enjoy and going home every night than be standing out in the weather pounding nails and living in a remote location, but there are many people who feel just the opposite, possibly including LRN3. We’ll see how it works out. We’re kind of waiting to hear what he ended up doing, but there’s no word so far.

I worked some more on the Gardenville Software website yesterday. It’s now a Drupal site, on the correct server, and looking much better than before. There’s still lots of work to be done, not to mention lots of content to generate, but it’s finally making some progress. Now I need to get back to work on the HRVA. Not to mention Spinfo, which as of today is just on a GoDaddy parking page. I’m thinking of at least making it point to this site, but I’m open for suggestions.

Not much else memorable in the last few days. Loyal Reader Number One and I did a little home teaching yesterday afternoon and we otherwise spent the Sabbath quietly at home. I’m planning to spend the remainder of Monday quietly at home as well. See you tomorrow.

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