Here’s a picture of the new iPhone from Macworld the other day. The back side of it, anyway. Very artistic, says I. Dopey, says you? What do you know?

Disaster! The Miata’s not ready yet. Sometime next week, they say. What is left for me to believe in now? Still, I suppose I would rather have it be right than quick. But I want it now.

It’s the weekend! Time to stay home and work on the Sable. And not drive the Miata. Dang. And do a bunch of other things too.

Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve are heading for Big Bear tomorrow for LRN5’s birthday celebration. They’ll be gone until Wednesday. It’ll seem kind of quiet around here without them. LRN12’s other grandparents need to see her every once in a while, though.

The DVD for Aunt Misty appears to have worked out just fine. At least it plays on my DVD players. We’ll have to see if it works on hers. She’s certainly the star of that show.

The boys went on a temple trip today. They’re still not home yet, so it’s impossible to tell whether they enjoyed it or not. I’m betting on yes.

And it’s time to quit. A new episode of Monk is on. See you on Monday.

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