Repair shop

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One up to his elbows in his iBook, getting ready to install his new hard drive. All those guts look pretty gory to me. Oh well; no guts, no gory.

And no, Loyal Readers, that wasn’t a typo. I was trying to be funny. Sheesh.

And please disregard my statement of a few days ago that I bought a new Toshiba hard drive. Photographic evidence proves it’s a Fujitsu.

No post yesterday, and I didn’t even find the time to use the Wonders of Blogger. I didn’t attend my church meeting, though. My brother-in-law Ken called in the afternoon and told us he was in town. He came over for dinner and we spent a few hours chatting while LRN1 worked on setting up Ken’s new Smart Phone. It’s a really nice phone, but it was pretty hard to set up and begs the question asked at Macworld Expo – if these phones are so smart, why is it so hard to make a phone call with them?

It’s finally starting to warm back up here in Lardville. The cold snap‘s not quite over, but it’s actually predicted to be in the mid-sixties on Saturday. That’s a huge improvement, and quite possibly just in time to bring the Miata home. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was good top-down motoring weather? I thought you’d agree. Especially my Loyal Readers in Cold Country.

I’m working on making a DVD for Loyal Reader Number Six’s Aunt Misty tonight. I ripped one of LRN6’s DVDs of Airwolf for him and extracted the episode featuring Aunt Misty. I wasn’t quite sure how to get that one episode on the DVD he wants to give her, but I finally just decided to try importing it into iMovie. It seems to be working – it’s been crunching for about 45 minutes so far with 15 minutes left to go, so I can’t guarantee anything, of course, but I fully expect my trusty Mac to reward me with unmitigated success. As usual.

Tomorrow’s a work Friday, alas. I managed to finish my Top Secret clearance application today. I put it off for about a month and a half because it was such an unpleasant job the last time I did one. Imagine my pleased surprise when I discovered that the online system remembered all my answers from my last application. All I had to do was make a few minor updates and it was good to go. Now I’m sorry I procrastinated it for so long. Only about a year to wait now and I’ll be eligible for a few additional programs.

Saturday is Miata day, as mentioned before, and it’s also Sable brake job day. It needs it pretty badly – metal scraping sounds are so disturbing on the freeway – and I’ve decided to do it myself, for better or worse. It really shouldn’t be too hard, assuming the rotors will come off with any degree of ease. Fortunately, I can afford to leave the car in the garage for a few days if things go Horribly Wrong. Which probably won’t happen.

Anyway. Time for dessert and bed. See you tomorrow.

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