Inside view

Here’s what the driver sees just before he gets into my new/old car. Check out those highly-optional chrome sill plates. Wow. That’s a thing of beauty. Truly Great Art.

It’s a sad day for Loyal Reader Number One. His beautiful hard disk installation job has to be undone – sort of. You see, there was this unidentified magnet just sitting in the case near the optical drive. It dropped out when he was in the middle of the teardown, and since the wonderfully clear instructions didn’t say anything about a magnet in that particular location, we decided to leave it out when he put it back together. Bad idea. It turns out that the magnet lets the computer know the top is closed so it can go to sleep. No magnet, no sleep. He’s going to take it apart again Real Soon Now. You’re always taking a risk when you take on a project like that, but there’s every reason to believe it will go very well again.

On a positive note, the new hard disk definitely cured the problem, so hooray for that.

I got a note from the Miata lady today. She’s hard at work on getting the car ready for me; she’s fixing everything we agreed on and the few things I noticed on Saturday as well. Seems like a really nice woman and a True Enthusiast to boot. I’m excited to get the car.

Took care of Loyal Reader Number Twelve for a few minutes this evening. The boys went to Battle Axe lessons a little after 7:00 and Loyal Reader Number Four got home about half an hour later. In the meantime, I was on my own. I’m surprised they trusted me, but I guess you’ll do just about any crazy thing when you get desperate enough.

It’s not quite 9:00 yet, but I think I’ll quit and actually have a life this evening in the short remaining time before bed. See you tomorrow.

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