Modded Minis

Here’s a beautiful pile of Mac Minis from the Macworld Expo the other day. What a thing of beauty. Great Art? You be the judge.

Boy, the Loyal Readers are getting restless! Two typo corrections in one day. And by my dear old friend Anonymous to boot. I appreciate my Loyal Readers’ ongoing quest for perfection. After all, that’s why they’re Loyal Readers. Of course.

Fine weekend. Dropped off the deposit for the Miata on Saturday afternoon. It sure looks nice. We think it will be ready to pick up next Saturday. Woo hoo!

LRN1’s hard disk died on him on Friday and Saturday. It was a slow and painful death. He tried everything to get it working right, to no avail. He found an excellent website explaining how to get the hard drive out of an iBook, complete with printable sheets to organize all the tiny parts. Sunday was teardown day. Success! Nothing broke. I dropped by Fry’s this evening on the way home from work and found a nice 120 GB Toshiba (tried to make a link to their website, but it freaked out my browser, so no free advertising for them!) for a very attractive price – the exact same amount as an 80 GB drive, in fact. As of this writing, he already has it installed, the machine is back together, and OS X is just finishing up installing. On top of getting the fix done, he’s upgraded from 30 to 120 Gigs, so it’s all good. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed, just in case there’s something else wrong, but we’re pretty sure we pinpointed the problem. After he took the old one out, we hooked it up to my Mini to check it out. It worked for a few minutes and then crashed the Mini exactly like it had done to the iBook. QED.

While I was at Fry’s, I finally bought an enclosure for my DVD-RW, allowing me to permanently hook it up to my Mac. Sadly, while it works great in USB mode, it doesn’t work at all in FireWire mode. Since I sort of want to get what I paid for, I’m planning to exchange it later this week. Dang. It sure works great when it works, though.

Not much else to report. Loyal Reader Number Six came up this weekend. He and Loyal Reader Number Five went to a Napa Valley bed and breakfast for his birthday weekend. Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve are going down to Big Bear next weekend (I think that’s when, anyway) for LRN5’s birthday weekend. Lots of travel for those three. I’m staying put.

And that’s it for a cold, sunny Monday on Lardville. See you tomorrow and thanks for the typo reports.

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