Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two at Macworld Expo in San Francisco this morning. We had a great time! We saw lots of neat Mac and iPod stuff and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

We saw perhaps the ultimate iPod accessory:

That’s definitely for the person who already has everything else. We heard it play, so we can at least confirm that part works. Somebody else will have to confirm its other functions.

The trip was made possible by this being my day off from work. I hope things went well for those guys at the office.

In the afternoon, Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to Riverbank and looked at another Miata. It looks just like this one, except that it’s not brand new. Otherwise, identical – color, accessories, and trim. Anyway, I bought it. Or at least promised to buy it. The woman who owns it (and many other Miatas for sale, by the way – she runs a Miata business out of her house) still has a little bit of work to do on it, so it won’t be available for another three or four days. And of course I have to give her some money. But not too much. I’m looking forward to getting it and starting to have fun, fun, fun. As I believe I mentioned yesterday, when you spend most of your free time in your car, a car is a pretty good hobby. That and my computers. And my websites. And my reading.

Anyway, this will be my fourth convertible. I really like this one. It’s a black ’92 special edition with leather, cruise, power windows, BBS wheels, headrest speakers, wood shift knob and parking brake handle, power antenna, and maybe a few other optional extras I can’t remember. They just put a new windshield and top on it, along with a bunch of other things. It doesn’t need anything right now – or at least it won’t need anything by the time I get it. Of course, it’s old enough that I’m sure it will need some things soon, but that’s all part of the fun.

It’s late and time for bed. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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