Bring it here

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve ordering one of her minions to bring her nourishment. “You there! Bottle! Now! Or prepare to suffer the consequences!” Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five, as you might have guessed.

No post yesterday. Wednesday nights are just hard these days. Fortunately, the Loyal Reader outcry has been restrained.

Not much to post today either. It’s late already and I’m afraid the Loyal Readers will just have to be happy with little more than another cute baby picture. But isn’t that enough?

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two and I are going to the Macworld Expo tomorrow at the Moscone center in downtown San Francisco. It’s something we’ve often wished we could do in the past and now that we live nearby, we’re going. LRN1 scored us some free tickets, so we’ll just have to pay for gas, parking, and meals. We’ll take some fascinating Great Art pictures and maybe even post something here if it’s sufficiently interesting and Artistic.

I’m thinking of buying a hobby car, but am having a hard time making up my mind. It’s a 1999 Miata, just like the one I used to have except white and with more wear and tear. It also has fog lights (one of which is broken) and a hardtop. It only has 46,000 miles, which is a big selling point. Very low for its age. The price is excellent but it’s still a lot of money for a hobby. Still, pretty much the only time I have for a hobby is my driving time back and forth to work, so it’s appropriate. We’ll have to see.

And goodnight. See you tomorrow.

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