Here are Loyal Reader Number Two and Loyal Pet Number One staring at the camera. LPN1’s eyes always freak me out in photographs. Devil dog. LRN2 is kind of prone to the same thing too, although not nearly as badly, of course.

Nothing else to report today. I looked at a few old sports cars online this afternoon but didn’t buy any of them. A few look promising. We’ll have to see. I’m kind of looking around for a fun project car – not a restoration, but a tasteful modification. Miatas seem like likely subjects, as do Rangers and Jeeps (totally different uses, but the same basic idea in my warped mind). Porsches don’t seem promising at this point – too much money to buy and WAY too much money to fix/modify. There’s no hurry, though. In fact, I’m not theoretically ready to buy for another year and a half, but when did I ever let a little fact like that get in the way?

Nobody was home when I got here this evening. The boys were away at Battle Axe lessons and the girls were away at Book Club. The Loyal Pets and I were it. We made the best of it.

And it’s already time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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