Hot chocolate

Here’s LRN4 enjoying her morning cup of hot chocolate in the cruise ship’s main dining room. Note the things on the ceiling that look like fried eggs. Also all the golden balls. Amazing design.

More extreme short shrift. Went to the gym tonight instead of blogging. Tough choice, but I have those cruise pounds to shed. Plus all the ones I’ve added during the last thirty-plus years. Getting fat is hard work. So is getting thin. They tell me.
So I’ll have to tell all about the cruise tomorrow. Or the next day. Or really probably Friday, when I’ll be home all day. Might be able to find time then. Of course, there’s plenty to do on Friday. I need to fix my towel rack (and one or two others too), work with LRN2 on finishing his water rocket for Saturday’s Science Olympiad, clean the pond’s filter (weather permitting), diagnose some strange behavior in LRN4’s car, and a gazillion other things that don’t occur to me right now. Including some heavy duty Young Men work. So it ought to be a busy weekend. Which is good.
Great news from LRN1; he’s in Guatemala! He traveled today. Got to speak with LRN4 for a little while from Dallas, which was nice for both of them. He’s doing great, having a wonderful time, and excited to be in country. We’re excited to hear from him and find out how it is. Need to write a note on tonight.
Also need to get to bed. One little tidbit about the cruise – we went to WalMart. In Puerto Vallarta. We were just curious to see how it is. Answer: it’s pretty much the same.
I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: worcestershire sauce attack!
See you tomorrow.

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