Here’s LRN4 welcoming you to sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It really was a beautiful day.

Another day, another … ummm … day. Not much to report. Worked, ate, and commuted. I’m planning on going to the gym this evening, which will be good for me. LRN4 didn’t go this morning – she let LRN2 talk her out of it – so I think she’s planning to go with me.

Got my new pedometer a couple of days ago and it’s now set up. I like it – it plugs into my computer and automatically downloads the number of steps I’ve taken since its last download, including the days the steps were taken on. How does it know? Makes it kind of fun to track my exercise, in a nerdy way.

Got confirmation from LRN1 that he’s in Guatemala today! The MTC there is small – only about 90 people – and he’s excited to be there. He has a new companion, although his old one is there too. Might as well get used to changing companions. I’m changing his address over there on the right, so feel free to send him a note! He’d love to hear from friends.

Also, if there are Loyal Readers who would like to be on his weekly email list, feel free to let me know in the comments.

My more astute Loyal Readers may have noticed that all the pictures from previous posts are missing. I assure you this is a temporary condition. Dumb old Blogger has decided they just can’t handle FTP file transfers – apparently, it’s beyond the capability of the web geniuses at Google – so they’re forcing everybody to use their servers for their blogs. That’s all well and good – I just pointed my website to their servers rather than my own – but they don’t transfer pictures to their servers. The new ones go there, but none of the old ones do. That leaves me with two choices: I can re-upload all my pictures individually to their servers (I have about 860 posts, so that’s no small task) or I can use their service to automatically find pictures anywhere on the web I name. That’s the only viable solution, but I haven’t quite figured out where to tell them to point. I’ll get it fixed in a day or two. Might have to wait until the weekend – I’m busy. Sorry for the shocking inconvenience, Loyal Readers. Your Great Art needs will be met soon. In the meantime, enjoy today’s picture.

That’s about it for today. Gotta go exercise. I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: breaking-and-entering panda.

See you tomorrow.

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