Indian head

Here’s an Indian head in ice. It was really interesting watching the guy make it. Picture taken aboard our recent cruise ship and part of my famous Statue series.

No posts since last Wednesday. Yikes! I got busy again. Need to do better. Don’t seem to be getting any comments, so I assume nobody’s reading but me. No problem – this is kind of a journal as much as anything else, so I guess I don’t really require Loyal Readers.

Anyway. We went to the Science Olympiad on Saturday, where LRN2 got a second place for his water rocket and a third place in the general technical problem solving competition. The rocket worked beautifully. We had gone to the park on Friday to test our recovery parachute extraction lanyard idea. Had a few technical problems with it, but we came up with a great solution that worked flawlessly in two tests and then worked flawlessly again at the competition. Nobody else appeared to have anything remotely like it, although some groups came up with some clever solutions to the parachute problem. I think this idea could be developed from here into something that will really succeed next year if LRN2 decides to participate again. Which I don’t think he plans to do.

Spent part of Sunday working on Youth Conference, which is coming up in less than two weeks. I’m advising the dance committee, which consists of a couple of girls who really have no idea what they want to do. Trouble is, neither do I. We’ve got some work to do to be ready in time with a dance the yoots will enjoy.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet. I stayed home sick from work yesterday with a quite nasty cold. I’m feeling a bit better today, but still struggling with hurting sinuses, a cough, and general aches and pains.

Had to go to work today because there was a going-away luncheon for six of my people and two of somebody else’s. Not a good thing to be losing so many people at once, but we brought it on ourselves. I’ll miss those folks.

I made some progress over the weekend on restoring the Great Art to the blog. It turns out the only practical way I could come up with to do it is just to upload everything one-by-one. Very time-consuming, but we here at the Morrowlife blog are dedicated to just that sort of time-wasting thing. You’re welcome.

And I’ll leave you today with this shocking food crime news: cheeseburger thinking!

See you tomorrow.

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