Queen Mary

Here’s the ship that was parked next door to ours in Long Beach. Their cruises tend to be remarkably short, but they’re probably pretty luxurious. Or at least they used to be. Part of my famous Machinery series.

No post yesterday. I had something going on. Or nothing. Don’t really remember. Tonight was Scout Roundtable, which I attended and enjoyed. Got to meet some people and chat with others I already knew. I need to make my presence felt there a bit.

Got another person’s two-week notice today. Sigh. Another plaque and luncheon and another one of my favorite people gone soon.

Many thanks to LRN4 for his encouraging words in Tuesday’s comments. At least one reader is Loyal. I’m sure there are others. Maybe. Probably not.

LRN2 has started putting fabric back on the second half of the (no longer) blue sofa. The first half looks great, so the outlook remains optimistic for the second half. Should be done within a few days now.

Nothing else going on. I have a commitment at a yoot training evening for one of the other wards, so posting might be sporadic tomorrow too. I’ll try for something, anyway. LRN12’s coming for the weekend tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun. Because she’s a lot of fun.

I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: Taco Bell prospective employee robbery!

See you tomorrow.

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