Huge stapler


Behold the Staplex. The biggest, toughest, meanest stapler out there. Wouldn’t want to get my finger caught in that thing. Great Art courtesy of LRN1, taken in May 2012 at LRN1’s former office in Utah, and part of my famous Machinery series. Or was that LRN2’s desk? Apparently, he inherited it from LRN1 when LRN1 moved on to a new job.

Biggest, toughest, and meanest? Well, there’s this. But you won’t find that thing on somebody’s desk.

Very good day for LRN4. She’s feeling very well, her fever has gone away again, her lungs are sounding very good to the stethoscope-wielding medical practitioners, she’s able to stand up and walk around her room, and everything is pretty good. Her internal disease guy says if things continue to go so well, she may be able to go home early next week, which would be great. But we’re not counting on it. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past year, it’s not to count on things.

On the downside, her white count has doubled yet again, and the cancerous cells are up from 3% to 8% of the total. They started her next round of chemo this evening, right after they finished giving her two units of red cells and two units of platelets. I’m hoping the chemo starts doing its job quickly before her numbers go too high for comfort.

Did no work today, although I should have. Instead, LRN2 and I went to the DMV and got his car titled and registered in Nevada. It took three hours, but it all worked out. LRN2 still needs to get his driver’s license updated. Maybe next week.

The [amazon text=new monitors&asin=B008A3KFB8] I ordered yesterday are scheduled to get here tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’ll of course need to do some extensive testing before the conference. So I expect they’ll be unpacked and in use by tomorrow afternoon.

And it’s late already, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: roof-dwelling horse!

See you on Monday

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