Two vans


Here’s a picture of a much younger me in Kazakhstan, standing in front of two of our team’s Ford Transit vans. They were our sole transportation there, other than the golf cart our spacecraft team typically brought with them. Those other two guys were our Loyal Drivers. Great Art courtesy of … umm … somebody’s camera, taken in June 2001 during the Astra 2C launch campaign, and part of my famous Machinery series.

Pretty good days yesterday and today. LRN4 is doing much better, thank you very much. She’s breathing well, she’s getting a full 99% blood oxygen, her lungs sound nearly clear via a stethoscope, she’s able to stand up and do a little walking in place, and she’s generally feeling much better.

On the negative side, she’s running a very slight fever this evening: 99-point-something. Let’s hope we’re not looking at another setback. Please.

We moved from the heart (second) floor up to the cancer (third) floor late tonight. I think that’s a good sign.  We’re now in room 0x177. Drop by, Loyal Readers!

Quite a bit of progress on the work front. I’ve done a tiny bit more work on the PhotoDoc manual. But today I got a bunch of work done on the February conference. I selected and paid for the furnishings for the booth (table, chairs, carpet), bought a couple of monitors to show off our stuff, and made flight, motel, and rental car reservations. I’m starting to get excited! Also nervous. There’s so much more to get done and so little time remaining.

Fortunately, I’m delegating. The Loyal Son-in-law has started editing videos and a Loyal Nephew-in-law is working on the new logo, LRN4 having been taken out of the logo sweepstakes due to unforeseen hospitalization. I got a first cut at the logo tonight and love it. It’s just what I had hoped for. It’s basically a simplified, flattened, cleaned up version of the original logo. Very nice.


And I’ll let that be it for tonight. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: cole slaw disaster!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Sandy Says:

    I am so glad Shannon is feeling better!! Also glad to hear you are delegating – you’ll be ready!!

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