New card


Here’s my new business card. It hasn’t been printed yet. I had just finished designing it on the Staples online print shop and was about to order it. Their online system showed me this amazing digitally-generated prototype. Doesn’t it look real? This Great Art is a little rough because I took a picture of the screen, rather than taking a screenshot. Don’t know why. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken in LRN4’s hospital room a couple days ago, and part of my famous Las Vegas series.

Wait, I remember why I took a picture of the disembodied hand with my upcoming business card – I was on the phone with my nephew and business partner John and wanted to order some for him too, so I wanted a quick approval. The quickest way I could think of on the spot was to take a picture. So I did.

LRN4 appears to be on the mend, finally. It’s been pretty touch-and-go for quite a while, but we hope she’s finally turned the corner. Her fever appears to have subsided (not necessarily permanently) and her breathing is much better. She reported tonight that this afternoon was the first time she could breathe without concentrating on it since she got to the hospital. She looks a lot stronger too.

Our doctor told us tonight that we’re continuing to beat the odds. She’s been sick enough the last several days that her survival has been at stake much more than we realized. The pneumonia in her lungs has been so bad that her heart was starting to malfunction. That appears to have turned around at least a bit, fortunately. But more progress is needed. Courage, LRN4! Also, courage, me!

We still have no idea when to expect LRN4 to come home from the hospital. I miss her. I want her to come home. I want her to live. I need her to survive.

And that’s it for tonight. Nothing else matters. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: official-residence-infesting possum!

See you tomorrow.

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