Ice cream guy

Here’s the ice cream guy at Greenfield Village handing out an extra-large. Lactaid time.

Took a sick day today – my back is absolutely killing me and I needed to lie around.

Therefore, there’s nothing new. I spent the day lying around.

So we’ll go on to today’s Morrowlife controversy: Should they crack down on space littering? My answer: Yes, but only if they deliver the summons in person.

Oh, I did manage to get to the library today. I had finished the book mentioned yesterday (it turned out fine – I’m giving it a provisional recommendation) and picked up a few new ones, including three by Dave Barry and Save the Males, by Kathleen Parker. I heard an interview with her and got interested, so I’m looking forward to reading it. After Dave, of course.

Still can’t sit in this chair too long, so I’m off. See you tomorrow.

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