Happy birthday

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve celebrating her second birthday. Which happens to be today. Happy birthday, LRN12! Picture taken this weekend when we were together, which is when we had our family celebration. Check out that cool new jewelry.

Average day. All meetings, all the time. I can’t seem to get any of my own work done. And it’s really starting to pile up. Sigh. My hope right now is for Friday – since people alternate off Fridays, we tend not to schedule many meetings that day. So there’s hope.

At dinner tonight, Loyal Reader Number Two was mentioning some poetry work he’s been doing in English class. I decided to help out by composing a brand-new, never-before-heard poem on the spot. With a few helpful suggestions from Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four, here’s what I came up with:

A hippo and rhino from France,
Put on their berets and black pants.
When forced to remove,
From their spot in the Louvre,
They said, “Why won’t they give us a chance?”

I have to admit it’s not my best poem, but I didn’t have time to change it.

Today’s Morrowlife Challenge: Improve my poem. All improved versions will be published on the actual Internet. As comments to the Morrowlife blog, of course, but that’s still publication on the actual Internet. Fame and fortune will be yours. Just like they’re mine.

Speaking of which, here’s today’s Morrowlife Financial Juggernaut update: I’m at $7.79! Made a penny just yesterday. I can feel the financial breakthrough just moments away.

News update: maybe holding hands isn’t such a good idea after all. I’ll chance it.

Here’s an unfortunate headline: Skydiver Dies in Second Fatal Jump at Virginia Airport in 2 Months. Don’t you think that skydiver should quit taking fatal jumps?

Yes, I know that’s not really what they mean. But it sounds like it.

Can’t find a controversy today. I guess the news people are too busy with election coverage, which I don’t plan to touch with a twelve foot pole. The Morrowlife Challenge will have to be enough to keep my Loyal Readers’ creative juices flowing until tomorrow.

See you then.

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