Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve playing with her exclusive Birthday Boulder. It came with her toy front-end loader, which her dad likes a lot. Picture taken at her birthday celebration last weekend.

Short shrift tonight – it’s Thursday meeting night. I’m composing this at the train station, so when I finally drag into the house slightly after 9:00, I expect to need only to sync the exclusive Treo, copy/paste into Blogger, add some Great Art, find a few links, and post. That’s still plenty. As some of my astute Loyal Readers may have deduced, writing is the easy part.

Possibly great news! Dan, my train-riding colleague, reports that they were testing yet another version of WiFi on his home-bound train tonight. He sent me a couple of emails, which actually got through. There’s hope! Still, they’ve gotten our collective hopes up before, only to dash them on the rusty old tracks of despair. So I’ll hold off on the celebration until a working system is permanently installed and working. And I still might not believe it for a couple more years.

It would sure be nice, though.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Loyal Reader Number Twelve is coming over for a solo visit on Saturday. Seems her Loyal Parents have an invitation to a Fancy Luncheon and she’s not invited. The nerve! She’ll rest comfortably in the Secret Undisclosed Location. Hopefully. She may rest loudly, but we’ll give it our best shot. She’s made it through a few hours of church with us in recent weeks, so we’re hopeful.

No improved poems. Come on, Loyal Readers. At least try. I can see why you’d be intimidated by my poem’s sheer awesomeness, but surely my clever, gifted Loyal Readers can come up with something.

I had a great idea the other day for putting a little lipstick on a pig. Loyal Reader Number Four was speaking in an aggravated manner about the nice folks at Safeway who have simultaneously reduced the quantity of yogurt in the single-serving container and raised the price. I figure they ought to be marketing such products as The Safeway Diet. They could claim that the smaller containers encourage you to eat less and the higher prices keep you from buying more. Hence, you lose weight.

I’m thinking of writing a new diet book, expanding on the concept. Rather than grousing at the grocery store, my book will thank them for their bold steps to help curb overeating in America! I’ll be happy to sell copies to all my Loyal Readers. Full retail price, of course, but I’ll sign your copies for only an extra dollar. Pre-orders are being accepted now!

That’s about it for today. See you tomorrow.

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