Apple II

Here’s another computer museum piece – an Apple II, seen at the Henry Ford Museum in a realistic-looking display. It’s amazing how quickly computers go from hot stuff to museum pieces, isn’t it. I’ve owned and/or worked on several machines I’ve seen in museums.

Fewer meetings than usual today, so I actually accomplished a few things. It was great! On the other hand, most of my afternoon was spent in a meeting.

Went to the Young Women’s camp fundraiser (is it starting again already?), had taco salad, and participated in a silent auction. I got one thing – Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four’s chocolate pie. It’s delicious. Loyal Reader Number Two bought a coffee cake. Maybe we’ll try it at breakfast tomorrow. Thanks, LRN24 and soon-to-be Loyal Reader (link note: somebody should comment on this poor woman’s blog – she needs encouragement) Number TBD!

Situation otherwise normal. As mentioned before, Loyal Reader Number Twelve is coming over to be babysat tomorrow mid-day. Loyal Reader Number Four will be gone for much of that time, so we’ll just have to see how it goes. She’ll either have a great time or a terrible time. I’m voting for great. We have books. We have cars. We have Legos. We have yogurt. What more could she possibly need?

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: How many of these things have you personally said in normal conversation? My answer: With all due respect, I personally, at the end of the day, have absolutely said all of them. I know I shouldn’t of, but it’s not rocket science, you know. At this moment in time, it’s a nightmare 24/7.

Here’s yet one more reason to keep Loyal Pet Number Two’s cage closed. You never know when she’ll come after our pet kangaroo.

Dinner went long, then I read the new Reader’s Digest (well, I read the jokes, anyway), then I came up to blog. So the evening is gone. See you on Monday.

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