Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve trying on her birthday jewelry.

Pretty decent weekend. I actually accomplished a few things! This is unprecedented.

Not much, though. Let’s try and figure out what it might have been. Ummm. . . I cleaned the pool filters. They were pretty dirty, to the point that the vacuum wasn’t doing much anymore. So that’s something.

Also hung out with Loyal Reader Number Twelve for a few hours on Saturday. Her folks went to a housewarming where little kids weren’t invited. Shocking! Anyway, we had a nice time together – played with Legos and babies, read a bunch of books, watched a little bit of Dora, had a snack, and took a nice, long, nap. Made for a thoroughly pleasant day.

I also spent some time trying to organize just a few things. I took care of a huge pile of books and put away a couple of other things. It’s a start.

Speaking of putting things away, the Loyal Readers and I have decided we’re sick of having so much stuff. We are ready to really clean the place out. As an incentive for ourselves, we’ve decided to sell all the junk and buy a solar heater for the pool. Wish us luck, Loyal Readers! And buy some of our old junk!

Normal busy Monday. No excitement, no complaints.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Should I hold it on the train from now on? My answer: Nah. I like living dangerously.

In other news, there’s finally something I like on MTV.

See you tomorrow.

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