In the mine

Here’s the view inside yesterday’s mine. Once again, photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One.

Yet another perfect day, weatherwise. Not a cloud in the sky, cool in the morning, and warm in the afternoon. Makes a man wish he had an office with a window. Or a nice-sized retirement check coming in. Better yet, a large inheritance. Or something.

Some good, some bad today.

First the good: I don’t remember whether I mentioned that I’ve lost my very cool ABL mug. I believe I left it on a shelf in the restroom, where it had gone for washing. When I noticed it was gone and went back, the room was under construction and the shelf no longer existed. As far as I could tell, neither did the mug. Sigh.

So the good thing is that one of my retiring colleagues deeded me hers this afternoon. I’m delighted to have it.

Now the bad: I learned this morning that my former colleague and mentor Al Wilmot passed away Thursday evening. Al was a great software engineer and, more important, a fine man. He was a little eccentric and kind of a funny holdover from the ’60s space program, which made him all the more likeable. He suffered from Alzheimer’s for the last few years, which was presumably the cause of his death. Al will be missed.

Intensely busy weekend in the offing. Tonight is the sole exception, so far. I plan to do a bunch of high-council-related organizing and emailing. I also hope to get my weekly dose of Monk and Psych. Maybe also hang around with the Loyal Readers.

Saturday morning, I’m helping prepare and serve a fancy luncheon for the stake Relief Society. Then home to work on getting some callings made. There will probably be some work around the house to do. Also need to prepare a priesthood lesson for Sunday. Also need to do some research and preliminary structuring for my talk on the eighth.

Sunday will be meetings, callings, and more meetings and callings. Followed by dessert and bed. Loyal Reader Number Six gets home sometime on Sunday, so I imagine Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve will be heading out at about the same time.

Sunday evening may be quiet.

No toilet news today. In the meantime, we can attend the funeral.

See you Monday.

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