This way out

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One’s plan for getting out of the mine. I hope he brought a swimming suit. Photo courtesy of LRN1, of course.

Fine weekend. I worked on church things quite a lot of the time, interspersed with playing with Loyal Reader Number Twelve, who was here with Loyal Reader Number Five, while Loyal Reader Number Six was in Southern California picking up his truck and visiting with family and friends. A nice time was had by all.

Extreme Short Shrift tonight. It’s already almost 10:00 and I’ve been exhausted since at least 3:00. So not much blogging.

In fact, just a couple of things. I saw this interesting article today, and I’m thinking harder than ever of eliminating cable TV. You can get all the entertainment you want for little to no money. And the Comcast people are absolute thieves, aren’t they? What do my Loyal Readers think about the idea?

Today’s toilet news: They’re starting younger all the time. I believe LRN12 needs one of those babies.

See you tomorrow.

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