Red reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One studying in his dorm room. Late at night. In the dark. They apparently used a long-duration exposure. Or something. Okay, I don’t remember what the point was, but I do know it’s LRN1. And he’s . . . thinking.

Another Short Shrift blog night. No meetings tonight, but Loyal Reader Number Four hosted a Relief Society event tonight. Only one other person showed up. So I sat and talked with them instead of blogging or high counciling. There’s always tomorrow, and I’ll need to take advantage of it if I’m going to get my huge girls camp callings list done.

Saw a motorhome on in company’s online ad site today. It looked pretty good – it’s a 2001 31-footer with only 16,000 miles on it. Has a slide-out (but only one) and all the standard goodies, including hydraulic jacks and a backup camera. Went over to check it out and discovered the downside. It hasn’t been driven because the owner has been living in it in a trailer park for the past year. It’s not exactly in bad shape, but it’s not in the kind of shape you’d expect it to be in with so few miles. So I’m passing.

Besides, my trailer is still in great shape.

On the upside, I also saw an ad for free shrink-wrapped copies of FileMaker Pro and FastTrack Schedule for Macintosh. I don’t know why the guy is getting rid of them, and I don’t know what I’ll do with them, but he’ll be giving them to me tomorrow. Cool.

Thanks to LRN1 for his comments on dumping cable TV. I’ve been looking into Boxee. In fact, I downloaded the OS X version this very evening. There’s still not a Windows version, which it pains me to say I’m using as my media server OS, but it’s coming soon. When it’s here, I’ll install it.

The other good news I read this evening is that my beta license for Windows 7 is good for up to three machines. I have it installed in a virtual machine on my Mac, and I think I’ll add it to Larry. I also have plans to get two more PCs (for free, of course!) to be used as media servers on the two other main TVs. Thanks to Loyal Reader Number Five for one of them, and a valued colleague for the other.

No toilet news today. But this pretty much explains itself. Those Loyal Readers who see too much of themselves in that comic should consider going off the grid for a little while.

See you tomorrow.

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