Christmas cards

Here’s some Great Art I took at the Victorian Christmas house a few months back. I think the exclusive Treo-cam’s fuzziness heightens the effect, don’t you?

Greetings from the train. This week’s posts have all been mercifully short, a situation which must not stand. So I’m taking a little time tonight.

Although there’s quite little about which to discourse. My strict policy prohibits detailed discussion of work, and there’s precious little else going on. So this might be short.

Loyal Reader Number Four spent much of her day in training at the Family History Library. She didn’t get quite as much training as she will ultimately need, but she did report that a pleasant time was had by all.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Loyal Reader Number Two has completed the literary part of his Driver’s Training course and now has an appointment to get his driving permit early next week. Then he’s off to on-road (mainly) training, followed by several months of driving us around. I think he’s looking forward to it. He’ll have to weigh in on that topic himself, though.

I have a bunch of emails to send and phone calls to make tonight. Need to get a bunch of people called to serve. Ought to be a busy night.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: When will this guy stop unleashing obnoxious bugs on the world?

Well, it turned out to be short anyway. See you tomorrow.

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