Block DM

Here’s the Astra 2C spacecraft on top of its Block DM upper stage. And a few people standing in front of it. Photo taken June 4, 2001 at Baikonur.

Pretty decent day at work. I wasn’t as productive as I might have been, but the day was generally good.

Not the weather, though. There was a good, steady rain in the early morning and a few droplets in the afternoon, separated by much cooler temperatures, clouds and sun, and general blusteriness. It was not unenjoyable, though. More rain and cool weather is predicted for Friday and Saturday.

Not bad for the dead of winter, though.

The weekend’s here! Again! Plans are few. I need to make a whole bunch of high council phone calls and visits, prepare a 45-minute high council lesson for Sunday night, start to prepare a 20-minute talk for the following Sunday, attend an all-morning girls’ camp meeting in the bay area, get together with an elders’ quorum presidency for some training, do whatever Loyal Reader Number Four needs done, and maybe jacuzzify. And work on my collection of media center computers.

I spent some time last night (until about midnight, in fact) trying to get Larry the computer ready for Windows 7. I have the public Beta of that OS installed on my Mac under VMWare, and it actually seems to work fairly well and be pretty stable. I got a DVD burned and then realized Larry probably didn’t have enough memory to run it.

No problem, thought I – I had just received four 1-gigabyte memory sticks from a friend that looked like they might just work. I duly popped off Larry’s side cover and got to work.

They didn’t fit. It turns out Larry needs DDR-400, and I had DDR2. So I buttoned Larry back up and decided to be delighted with good old Windows 2000. Which is perfectly happy with Larry’s humble 512 megabytes. Sadly, everything else about Larry is plenty beefy for Win 7. I’ll keep an eye out for a great deal on a couple of gigs of memory.

I sure wish I could have made Ubuntu work right, though. Sigh.

Loyal Reader Number One is off on his mine spelunking trip! Good luck, be extra careful out there, and have a great time, LRN1! And more good luck catching back up with school when you get back.

Good news for Loyal Reader Number Two: if he has problems with his driver’s license test, there’s always another opportunity!

That’s it. See you tomorrow.

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