In the station

Here’s the little train we rode yesterday getting ready to leave the station. It was a fun ride and a pretty little park.

We had a nice Fourth today. Spent the morning at home and went over to the Santa Clara City celebration in the afternoon. We’re at home watching The Long, Long Trailer on DVD. Nicky and Tacey are just buying the trailer now. We’re planning to watch the Great America fireworks from The Privacy of Our Own Home at 9:30. We’ve seen the shows for the past few nights and they were very good. Tonight’s show ought to be great.

We were introduced to Lawn Bowling this afternoon. It looks like a lot of fun. There’s a beautiful bowling green at the Santa Clara City park and a club that plays four days a week. They tried to get us to join up. We might have done it – it looks like a lot of fun – but we’re not going to be in Santa Clara much longer. Maybe there will be Lawn Bowling in Lardville.

I used my new Palm development system to create an actual program last night. It calculates the CRC checksum of a given string. I know that’s not much, but it was good practice. I got everything working right – forms, buttons, menus, an about-box, and the application itself. It works great! Now I just need to decide what to write next.

Speaking of programming, in a minor tragedy, I appear to have deleted the source code for all my previous programs when I left my job in Newtown. I somehow failed to get them copied onto my new computer. That includes that famous classic, Tapeworm, along with some other highlights. I may have to resort to reverse engineering some things. I’m very sad. On the other hand, this is the perfect opportunity to recode and improve performance.

I finished Tales of St. Austin’s a day or two ago. Can’t really say much more than I’ve said before. It’s a bunch of unrelated short stories centering around common characters and locations – a boys’ school in England and the upper-class twits that inhabit it. It’s fun, light reading – perfect for carrying around in a gadget and reading in spare moments. Highly recommended, especially at the price.

Added my embedded system programming book to the book club list. Its one review on Amazon is pretty unflattering. The jury is still out for me on this one. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone but programming junkies in any case. I also added a fun little 19th-century book about camping. So far, it’s really interesting. Check it out.

I’m going to pay attention to the movie now. Tomorrow’s back-to-work Wednesday. See you then.

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