Scoopy Doo

I just love this sign. It’s disgusting, of course, but that’s just part of its charm. It’s in what’s come to be known around the Fortress of Solitude as The Pooping Grounds. Belle is all over that place.

Busy workday today. As I get more responsibilities, I have more to do. Strange how that works. I’m still avoiding working excessive overtime hours, of course, but it’s getting harder and harder. When I start riding the train back and forth to the Secret Undisclosed Location, there will be at least a couple extra hours a day I can devote to the job. That is, unless I need to take them up with blogging, sleeping, and listening to podcasts. The days are just packed!

Nothing much else to report. I submitted an expense report for per diem money that came to an amazingly high amount. We need every penny, of course, to buy the house. Otherwise, that would buy me a pretty nice MacBook Pro or even a good G5. Hmm . . .

But enough dreaming. Time to get some reading and/or programming done. See you tomorrow.

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