Indians welcome

Indians welcome! I don’t think I’d necessarily feel all that welcome if I were pulling into the Dock at the Rock. Even if I weren’t an Indian. Which I’m not. Mainly. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One.

Greetings from the train! It’s Fairly Empty Friday, and I’m enjoying the trip. No idea whether the freeways are good or bad, and I don’t care. I’m seriously thinking of talking to my boss and volunteering to permanently make the Monday and Tuesday evening charts for her on the train. I can post them to the server when I get home. I kind of doubt that she’ll be willing to let go, but I think she should.

Anyway. We have a bunch of people coming over this evening for a Small Group Dinner. Loyal Reader Number Four signed up to host if needed, and they finally called her on Wednesday evening with an assignment. Too late, but she got to work immediately and made the arrangements. Next time, we’ll just go to somebody else’s house.

We’re just passing a golf course, and I’m reminded that we still need to hold the First Annual Gardenville Software golf tournament. Need to get Loyal Reader Number Three out here for it. He’s watching plane fares and when something unbelievably cheap comes along, we’ll do it.

The weekend promises to be relatively busy. There’s a Sunday School lesson to prepare and present and … ummm … lots of other stuff. If nothing else comes along, I’m sure I can find some work to do on the Miata. And there are a lot of filthy cars. And I still haven’t put together Mousey the Junkbot (or is that Junkey the Mousebot?). And I absolutely need to get a version of WaterLogger working on the net, whether we can host it on the remote server or it has to be on Larry for now. And I need to make some progress on learning Ruby. And I have one and a half library books to read. And I need to buy another charger for the iPod that I can keep at work, since there’s just not enough battery life to watch TV shows on the train in both directions. And I need to clean up a mess or two on my side of the bed. And the pool needs to be checked and chlorinated. And swum in, for that matter.

Yeah, I guess I’ll be able to think of a few things to do.

See you on Monday.

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