Yet another waterfall

Here’s some nature-based Great Art. Hopefully, I haven’t used this picture before.

Just call me New Haircut Boy! My hair had gotten so long it was starting to hurt, not to mention look less than optimal. Thank you, Loyal Reader Number Four! As soon as blogging operations are complete tonight, I’m off to the showers to remove the residuals before I hit the hay.

But first, a brief message from our sponsor – me.

Fine day at work today. I went to some meetings, scheduled other meetings, ate lunch, and talked to people. How much better does it get than that? Taking care of business, baby. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Bad ride home, but it was offset by the fact that we had sushi as an appetizer for dinner. So it all works out. Besides, the morning ride was fairly short, and the Law of Freeway Equalization states that the sum total of the round-trip commute hours on any given day is a constant. I have no idea how that works out, but it pretty much always does. Tomorrow is Train Day, so the LoFE doesn’t apply.

Well, the Creative Muse is done for the night and my neck itches, so it’s time to hit the showers. See you tomorrow.

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