Here’s some of Loyal Reader Number Two’s old artwork. Very cool, LRN2. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Four.

Pretty quick post tonight. I left work a few hours early just because my afternoon meeting was canceled and I wanted to go swimming. I came home and went swimming. Very nice. Otherwise, not much has happened. I have to leave for my Wednesday evening meeting in about half an hour, though, so the time is actually fairly short.

Loyal Reader Number Five did some more interviewing today. She generated some interest from an entomology museum or some such place. I don’t think she’s spoken with them yet, but I think she should watch Night At the Museum before she takes the job. Just a thought.

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two went to an ice-blocking party tonight. I wonder whether anybody other than Californians ice-blocks. Somehow, I doubt it. For my Loyal Readers who aren’t familiar with the concept, you buy a block of ice at the grocery store, carry it to the top of a hill, sit on it, and ride it to the bottom. Also break your arms and legs some of the time. Sounds like fun, no?

LRN5 was looking over my shoulder and mentions that it’s not just a bug museum. It’s the California Academy of Science, and they do lots of things besides look at dead bugs. Dead animals, for instance. Watch the movie first, LRN5.

Better quit now. See you tomorrow.

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