Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve with her headband on. Those things look uncomfortable to me. But all the baby girls wear ’em and beauty knows no pain, I guess.

No post yesterday. I was going to use the Wonders of Blogger earlier today, but didn’t even get a chance to do that. Sigh.

So let’s recap. It was a good weekend, as weekends go, which is generally pretty well. I know I was busy the whole time but I don’t really remember what I did. Lots of playing with Loyal Reader Number Twelve, as I recall.

How long have I had amnesia? Even since I can remember!

The weekend moving trip to Big Bear was sort of a bust. They enjoyed being there but didn’t move anything. They did get to have a barbecue and visit with Loyal Readers Numbers Six (of course), Three, and Fifteen. We enjoyed keeping the baby. I wanted to use the pool but never got to do it. I wanted to use it last night and again tonight but never got in then either. Sigh. Thwarted plans all the time. I guess I need to make easier-to-achieve plans. But what could be easier to achieve than putting on a swimsuit and walking out into my own back yard?

Loyal Reader Number Five has been busily going out on job interviews. She has a few hot prospects but no solid offers yet. She did find a place to live, however. Here’s a picture. They get the keys tomorrow and move in I-don’t-know-when. It looks like it will be a nice little place. They even get a garage!

Let’s see, is there anything else? Somebody brought a great big bag of Boston Baked Beans candy to work on Monday. I had way too many of them. I love BBBs.

Umm . . . nothing else comes to mind right now, so I’ll go get ready for bed. See you tomorrow.

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