Rock roof

Here’s a roof at Alcatraz. Along with some birds. It’s a twofer – Great Art and Birds! I think we all agree it doesn’t get any better than that. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One.

I’m back on the train today, for the first time in almost a month. I like Fridays on the train – there are many fewer riders (apparently, lots of companies have off Fridays) and Friday afternoon traffic is generally unpleasant. I hope to quit driving on Fridays.

I’ve been enjoying Blackadder on the iPod. I’m currently watching Blackadder Goes Forth – the fourth and final season, set in World War I. I had never seen most of the shows from that year before. They’re great. Highly recommended. I borrowed the shows from Loyal Reader Number Five. She only had two of the four DVDs when she came to visit (seasons three and four, including Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, possibly my very favorite Christmas movie), and I’m hoping she’ll find the missing discs soon. And lend them to me.

Not much else to report today. I dragged out of bed very early, rode the train comfortably to work (got my unread email count down from about 150 to 85, which is good progress!), had a nice, brisk walk to the office, worked like a dog, hitched a ride over to the bus stop (I wanted to walk, but somebody offered, and I hated to turn him down), and went home. The rest of the evening ought to consist of dinner, Monk, Psych, and some game engine work.

Also need to repair Loyal Reader Number Two’s computer. It’s been overheating to the point of shutting down for quite a while now, and we haven’t been able to figure out why. I would have suspected the CPU fan, but it appears to be working just fine. Time to put on the detective hat and get it fixed.

I have to attend a work meeting or two Saturday morning – by phone, of course. Undesired but necessary. That will conflict with my tentative commitment to help work on my friend Lyle’s electricity, but he doesn’t know I was planning to come over yet, so I’ll just reschedule.

Loyal Readers Numbers One and Five went down to Big Bear for the weekend today. They’re going to help the Loyal Readers move out of their new house. They’ve decided to make a break from the Mountain, and Loyal Reader Number Six’s parents have kindly agreed to take over the house. They’re working on getting it rented out, though, so it needs to be empty pretty soon. We have Loyal Reader Number Twelve with us for the weekend. We hope she enjoys staying with Grandma and Grandpa. Not to mention Uncle LRN2 and Aunts Loyal Pets One and Two. Gulp.

Back to the videos. Have a great weekend.

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