Italian town

Here’s a pretty little town not far from Pisa, Italy. Taken at something of a distance, but all the better for it.

Greetings from the train. I have a Wifi connection again, so I’m daring to actually compose today’s post live.

Had an okay day. Got up at the normal time and came in by rail, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Also got out at the normal time. I’m sincerely hoping we don’t run anybody over tonight. So far, so good. And the train’s not been overly crowded either. Maybe everybody’s been scared away by the late night the other day.

I’ll be in the car again tomorrow, though, which is not my favorite thing on a Friday. I have to be in the office tomorrow by 7:00 again, and I place an extremely high value on my beauty rest. So would you.

At least it will be warm tomorrow. Perfect open-air motoring temperature.

Let’s see, what else is going on? I’ve been watching a few episodes of Victory by Design from the Speed channel. Mine is the three-minute podcast version, of course, and we don’t get Speed on our cable, so that’s all I’ll be seeing. Still, it’s always interesting. The host shows a significant old car – or at least a beautiful example of the type. He gives interesting background information and drives the car. And he doesn’t baby it either. Very entertaining and highly recommended.

The warm, beautiful weather is upon us! I left my jacket at home this morning. And regretted it. It’s still cold in the morning. It wasn’t so bad at the train station – it was the walk from the bus stop to my building that froze me. Pity me, Loyal Readers. But have no fear, I thawed out in the first hour or two.

Time to read my book. See you tomorrow.

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