Here’s a close look at my mighty steed on the Great America carousel. Pretty serious-looking fella there.

Not much to report again today. Left for work at 5:00 again and got there a few minutes after 6:30. I did manage to get back on the road shortly after 4:00 this afternoon, so I was home by 6:00. It felt so early!

Visited for a few minutes this evening with my friend Bill and his wife Carol. He and I are in the group leadership together now. He’s leaving tomorrow on a 10-14 day vacation with his 9-year-old grandson. The length of the trip is flexible because he’s not sure when he’ll get fed up with the grandson. I wished him well and assured him things are in good hands while he’s gone. Carol said the house will be quiet with Bill gone. And she didn’t seem overly upset about that. Hmmm.

We’re expecting a heat wave! It was 65 degrees here in Lardville yesterday, 70 today, and it’s expected to be 78 tomorrow, 86 on Friday, and 88 on Saturday. It’ll cool back into the 70’s a few days after that, but I’m looking forward to at least a brief taste of summer. Maybe we’ll be able to use the pool a little. Probably not, though. Still too cold. Loyal Reader Number Two will probably jump in, though. He likes cold water.

I’ve been fiddling around with VMWare again. Tried to install FreeDOS and couldn’t make it work. It can’t seem to boot from a virtual CD-ROM. It had problems booting from a real CD-ROM too, come to think of it. Maybe it wasn’t a properly bootable CD, though. I located and installed an online version of that OS, complete with abandonware DOS versions of Turbo Pascal and Turbo C. It ran, but extremely s..l..o..w..l..y. I dumped it and gave up, seeing as how I’m not really interested in DOS. Now I’m downloading the free version of Solaris and will try that one out. It’ll be cool to have that OS available, assuming I can get it to work. It’s pretty big, though, and I’m not sure I want to dedicate the disk space to it permanently.

On the other hand, I’m still not sure I’m happy dedicating my entire 80GB internal hard drive to Time Machine. On the other other hand, I still have about 280GB of empty space on my 500GB external boot disk, so what’s the worry? Other than that disks tend to fill up over time, no matter how big they are. Maybe it’s best to leave the backups where they are.

Time for dessert and bed. See you tomorrow.

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