Lake Ogallala yet again

Here’s a non-sunset picture of Lake Ogallala. That sure was a pretty place.

Back to work today. A few colleagues were busy over the weekend, but it was pretty uneventful overall. The schedule’s unchanged and things are humming along. There was a big scare this morning over something that was more or less pointless, so I spent a little time whacking that mole. The good news was that if our Masters have enough to time to obsess over pointless things, that’s a pretty good indication that things are going very well. We’ll be zappin’ down them missiles before you know it.

Loyal Reader Number Four and I spent a little while last night looking at the pool, the deck, and the backyard in general. There’s a lot of difficult and expensive work ahead of us, but we’re anxious to get started on it. We’re seriously thinking about a shed. It would be much smaller than the one we had in Pennsylvania – probably about 6 x 8. We just need to store the lawn mower, trimmer, edger, blower, gas cans, picks, shovels, rakes, pool chemicals, pool toys, and whatever else comes easily to hand. There are a couple of spots in the yard where it might work, neither of which is perfect but neither of which is terrible, either. What to do, what to do . . . The bottom line is that there’s no way we’ll be able to conveniently fit all that stuff in the garage, so we need to figure something out.

Loyal Reader Number Two expressed some interest in coming up with a script for my upcoming movie. He’s pretty creative, so I though he might want to do it. Get your nose to the grindstone, LRN2! My other thought was to look on the internet for acceptable scripts. I know there’s a lot of stuff out there; I just need to look for it. Google is a wonderful thing.

America Held Hostage, yet another day. I’m sitting on the train right now and can’t get to the internet. We’re all still wondering why they had to disable the old system months before they install the new one. Grrrr. The train is moving through town at about ten miles per hour right now, so we’re likely to be pretty late getting home. Grrrr. The service may be lousy, but at least it’s slow.

Bulletin: the speed just started to pick back up. The internet is still dead.

Response to the HRVA continues to just skyrocket. There are four members as of now (thanks for joining, Katie!), only one of which actually owns an RV, and none of which own a vintage RV, but that shouldn’t be construed as a less-than-stellar website kickoff. Slow, organic growth is what we’re going for. Besides, I haven’t printed any stickers or certificates yet. Or added any content either. So, the response is probably right where it ought to be at this point.

I got a few books at the library on Saturday. I’m putting one of them in the current Morrowlife book club reading list over there on the right, and the others in the On Deck Circle. I’m enjoying Quit Your Day Job. I have no plans to actually Quit My Day Job anytime soon, but the author offers some very solid advice on writing for money. As an example, he dismisses all the pointless writing exercises found in other writing books because they make no money, and his book is all about writing for money. Instead, he suggests writing and submitting one article a week as an exercise. He also talks a lot about writing quickly, the idea being that the faster the words go into the word processor, the more regularly the paychecks roll in. He thinks it’s better to write garbage down quickly and edit it into an acceptable state than to write only perfect stuff, thus effectively writing nothing. He suggests that we accept the idea that we’re not writing Art, we’re selling prose. There’s a big difference.

So I’ve decided to continue to write garbage, but to do it more quickly. Oh, and maybe do a little bit of editing along the way. Aspiring writers in the Book Club might do well to check out Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

One of my new goals is to actually convince a Loyal Reader to read one of the books in the Book Club. Maybe I should start reading more interesting books.

With that said, it’s time to quit. See you tomorrow.

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