Reader in rocks

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two climbing around in a rock field in one of those neat-o Pennsylvania state parks. Golly, how I want to go camping again.

I noticed that Loyal Reader Number Seven discovered and registered on the HRVA website. There’s not much there yet, huh? I hope to add content over the centuries – things like pictures of Historic RVs we come across in our travels, interviews with owners of old RVs, reviews of old RVs and both modern and vintage camping equipment, and reports from campouts. Member submissions in any of those categories are most welcome. If multiple people actually become interested in the organization, I hope to even organize events, but that’s probably somewhere down the road. On the other hand, we could just call all of our future family campouts Official HRVA Outings and see if we can get anybody to come along with us.

We’ve been joking about starting the HRVA ever since our terrible but beloved old 1973 (or was it a ’74?) Starcraft popup. Everybody else in the campground had nicer campers than us, so we decided we should give our trailer a little cachet by starting the HRVA. The slogan was going to be something like, “It’s not a beater, it’s Historic.” Ever since I got my own web hosting, I’ve thought I ought to actually try to get the club going. I had a few minutes yesterday and had been wanting to learn how to work a new web Content Management System, so I went for it. The CMS I’m using (one of the two CMS’s included with my web hosting package) is a little bit more poorly documented than I would like, but I’m figuring it out. There are a couple of forums with some good information out there. Google is a wonderful thing.

Many thanks to LRN7 for finding the site and joining the club. You’ll get your membership certificate and sticker as soon as I have them made. And rest assured that even if I have to start charging a membership fee, you’ll always be a paid-up charter member. Along with Loyal Reader Number One, who also signed up today. Keep watching the website for more stuff.

Happy Labor Day! We went to the Lathrop Ward picnic, which was a lot of fun. The people here sure are nice to us. They provided the food, beverages, and activities. Each family provided a side dish or dessert (we brought some very good brownies/chocolate cake) and just hung out and had fun. We planned to only stay for an hour or so and ended up there for about three hours. Good times.

On the way to the picnic, we discovered that Manteca puts about 2400 American flags along many of the main roads for major patriotic holidays. There are holes in the sidewalks at regular intervals and somebody comes along and puts an identical flag in each one. The cumulative effect is pleasing.

Had to work on some work this evening, so my time is up. See you tomorrow.

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